Why it is important to know if you have a food sensitivity?
Why you should know about food sensitivity

Food sensitivities cause immune cells to be produced, these immune cells can cause inflammation, autoimmune triggering, destruction of  tissues with similar protein structure to the food, and more. Recent research has shown a link between cerebellar tissue destruction and gliadin (a protein found in wheat) sensitivity due to the fact that the body sees the cerebellar tissue proteins as gliadin proteins and will attack those tissues, this is much the same as when one gets strep throat and later the body attacks the heart valves as the proteins in strep are the very similar to the proteins in the heart valves. There are several studies that have found links to food sensitivity and autoimmune issues, so it is important to avoid the food that one is sensitive to when you have an autoimmune disease no matter whether it is gluten or any other food.

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